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Dec 09

Tenerife Food Guide: How to Find Authentic Canarian Food In Tenerife

By Abi King | Food , Spain

What to eat in Tenerife – Tenerife Food GuideWhat is typical Tenerife food? Forget jokes about Full English Breakfasts and fish and chips for a pound, the real cuisine in Tenerife stretches back over centuries.Your Guide to Food in Tenerife ​The Top 10 Foods to Try in Tenerife​ GofioBarraquitoRopa VIejaPuchero Roast Chestnuts  Almogrote Papas Arrugadas Tenerife Honey Tenerife Wine Mojo   […]

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Jun 19

How to Plan a Galicia Road Trip – A Salty Itinerary Through Northern Spain

By Abi King | Spain

Every coast is salty. But northwest Spain’s Galician coastline seems the saltiest of all: its landscape licked into shape by the churning, whirling waves, its cuisine at one with the sea and its architecture, history and general attitude shaped by the way that surf reaches the shore.

This is a place to experience the real side of Spain, away from tower blocks, fake paella and concrete-edged, crowded hotel pools.

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May 12

Don Quixote in Spain: Windmills and the World’s Oldest Novel in La Mancha

By Abi King | Spain

Don Quixote and Cervantes SpainHow to Explore Don Quixote’s SpainDon Quixote’s Spain served as a fitting backdrop for the world’s oldest novel: one ill-fated quest to restore chivalry to the world. Poetically, today’s La Mancha still reflects that pioneering literary age. From the “Don Quixote windmills” to the home of Cervantes himself, grab a sidekick […]

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Dec 07

What The Balenciaga Museum Near San Sebastian Spain Teaches Us About Success

By Abi King | Spain

The Balenciaga Museum, as you might expect, is about fashion and the museum presents outfits like rare jewels.

Yet even if fashion is not your strength (as indeed, it’s not mine,) there’s plenty to intrigue and inspire.

The time capsule of social history is one: seeing waistlines and silhouettes change in tune with women earning the right to vote, to enter certain professions and to show a little more flesh.

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