The Best Hidden Gems in Dubai

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Uncover the best hidden gems in Dubai with our inside guide…

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Best hidden gems in Dubai - Burj Khalifa sunset view

The Best Hidden Gems in Dubai

Both newcomers to Dubai and those who haven’t visited the UAE before have heard of destinations like the Dubai Marina and the Burj Khalifa. However, this only makes up a minor portion of the city’s interesting sights. Dubai is a true oriental treasure that always presents itself in fresh ways. In this post, we’ll discuss some of Dubai’s lesser-known but yet fascinating locations that are off the beaten tourist track but unquestionably merit your attention. In short, the best hidden gems in Dubai.

Best hidden gems in Dubai - Kite Beach

Kite Beach

Most visitors know the beaches of JBR and La Mer, but the list of Dubai beaches does not end there. If you prefer less touristy places, head to Kite Beach. You will find clean soft sand and infrastructure planned to the smallest detail.

A promenade runs along the beach, which makes this place convenient for walking and jogging. Kite Beach fully justifies its name: there really is every chance to catch a wave, so kitesurfers love the place.

In addition, you’ll get an amazing view of the famous Burj Al Arab Jumeirah sail hotel. 

To get there, you will need to get to the Al Safa station and then transfer to a taxi.

For more comfort, you can easily rent a car, for example, from the Renty service, whose specialists will quickly help you hire a car of the category that suits you best. Car rental prices will pleasantly surprise you. After all, today many people choose just such a method of transportation, both on tourist and business trips as it is economical to hire a car.

Best hidden gems in Dubai - the mountains and waters of Hatta


 A small town at the foot of the Hajar Mountains, Hatta not only strikes the imagination with the beauty of its natural landscapes but it also has historical value.The mountainous enclave lies 130 km southeast of Dubai, on the border with Oman.

You can learn about the 200-year cultural and historical heritage of Hatta by visiting the ancient Juma mosque, the Hatta Fort, the watchtowers of the 19th century, and the cultural and ethnographic open-air museum Hatta Heritage Village. 

Outdoor enthusiasts can go hiking on mountain trails of varying difficulty, go for a walk on Hatta Dam, visit the Hatta Honey Bee Garden or go mountain biking at Hatta Wadi Hub.

Best hidden gems in Dubai - Deira gold souk display


This area will show a traditional oriental city instead of dizzying skyscrapers and futuristic architecture. The local gold market (Gold Souk) is guaranteed to amaze with its scale – you have hardly seen such an amount of precious metal, and the Spice Souk will open with a kaleidoscope of spicy aromas. Here, you really will find the hidden gems of Dubai.

Deira is one of the oldest districts of the city, which is located along the Dubai Creek. To travel from one canal to another, use a traditional dhow boat – this will add even more atmosphere to your walk through the area. By the way, a boat ticket will cost you only 1 dirham.

Once here, do not miss the opportunity to look into the Women’s Museum of the Arab World. You will learn about prominent women in the history of the Middle East, their role in the development of local culture, business, politics and public life. 

Best hidden gems in Dubai - the Fish Market fish counter

The Fish Market

In Dubai, restaurants carry a high price tag, especially when it comes to seafood. However, you can enjoy the freshest and best value fish by heading straight to the Deira Waterfront Market, sellers of the best fish in town.

The market greets you with a special atmosphere: it’s noisy, chaos reigns, everyone shouts, and there’s bargaining aplenty. Be sure to try to bring down the price too. And then recover in a cafe or restaurant on the waterfront. Chefs will prepare a delicious dinner for only 10-15 dollars.

Best hidden gems in Dubai - flamingo in water

Flamingos in the Desert

The Ras Al Khor Wetland is a great opportunity to get in touch with wildlife in the midst of broadband freeways and multi-storey glass giants and hot desert sand. The territory is under protection and constant surveillance, and in 2007 it was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But people often come here not for the sake of 500 species of animals and birds. The reserve has become famous as a permanent habitat for pink flamingos. The unhurried life of these wonderful birds can be observed here all year round. To see the feeding of flamingos, come to the opening or closing of the park. Look for pink flocks at the entrance number 2. The reserve is located in the inner part of Dubai Creek. You can only get there by taxi or by rented / own car, especially since parking is free as well as entrance.

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