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A great collection of travel blog posts from Inside the Travel Lab on travel around Asia. Describing sights, smells and sounds and providing plenty of photos, recipes and reading suggestions along the way, these Asian travel blog posts are one way to travel around Asia.

Tea in China

Facing the Dragon: China Now And Then

Climbing the Dragon’s Spine, China It curved and clawed away from me as I stared […]

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In India: Learn as if you were to live forever…

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live […]

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A man faces China

China Odyssey Tours in Review

Should you travel independently in China? Or is it worth booking a tour? That’s a […]

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Blue and yellow boat in Brunei

Introducing Brunei…

Reflections from one small country to another… So here we are again, floating in that […]

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Reed Flute Cave Blue

The Reed Flute Caves, Guilin, China

Sometimes, it’s best to let the pictures do the talking. When it comes to caves, […]

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Upper House Orchid

The Upper House, Hong Kong: A Luxury Hideaway With Views of the City

Hong Kong excels at two levels: on the ground amid the colours, the chaos, and […]

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The Importance of A Woman’s Hair, China

In many a culture, the lusciousness of a woman’s locks says something about her status. […]

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hashima James Bond Island007

Visiting Gunkanjima: a Bond Villain’s Lair in Japan

The Japanese call it Gunkanjima. But Bond knew it as the base camp for Silva, […]

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Bamboo bar pool

The Five Star Bomb Shelter Hotel in Hanoi

The Sofitel on Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi, is not a beautiful hotel. At least, that’s […]

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7 Things To Do With A Volcano – Visit Volcanoes in Japan

Japan is a land of volcanoes. Around 200 in fact. They hubble and bubble and […]

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Nagasaki at night

“There Was A Large Light” – A Nagasaki Survivor Speaks

There was a large light. I fell. And then no-one came to rescue us. Nagasaki, […]

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Reed Flute Caves, China

Win £3000 With Your Travel Photography

Can You Capture the Colour? It’s back. And it’s even better. This summer, we’re returning […]

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Children in Burma or Myanmar

In Burma, Everything’s Golden

Is it Burma or Myanmar? I arrived under cover of darkness. Deep, night, darkness. I […]

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And From The Fire…Kyushu, Japan

Amid the smoke, the fire, and the ferocious turquoise bubbles in this part of Kyushu, […]

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dragon backbone guilin

Walking the Dragon’s Backbone, China

Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be. Let’s leave aside the […]

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The Nightclub Hotel: The Mira Hong Kong Review

Twice I arrived at the Mira, expecting it to be empty; twice I met a […]

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Sunscreen in Myanmar: Thanaka

In Myanmar/Burma, people use thanaka on their cheeks to stay beautiful and to protect against […]

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Halong Bay at Sunset

A Luxury Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay showcases the dual nature of travel today: the absolute thrill of finding an […]

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Water Puppets and Bringing Vietnam to Life

In the beginning, there was… A dragon. Well, at least a dragon king from the […]

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Watermelons in Rangoon Market

Rangoon’s Roadside Markets

Sunlight shifts over gold, silver and sapphires in the ordered, sheltered aisles of the covered […]

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