South America

Abi King - woman looking across a viewing platform at Mashpi Lodge in a cloud forest in Ecuador

Why You Should Visit the Ecuador Cloud Forests

The cloud forests of Ecuador are not awash with colour. Instead, they pick a single one and run with it.

Green isn’t just green here, it’s gob smacking, gut punching, grandstanding green, a green that explodes with greedy, reckless abandon.

And you can visit. At 2000 metres above sea level, here’s how you can visit the cloud forests of Ecuador.

Arresting Pre-Columbian Art in Ecuador

What Do We Value the Most? Quito, Ecuador, Has Surprising Answers

Pre-Columbian Art in Ecuador and the Surprising Question It Asks Christopher Colombus. One nation’s hero, one continent’s despair. Endless generations of schoolyard amusement when English speakers realised that his real name was Colon. But I want to move past him for now, and focus instead on the art scene in Ecuador, the one that flourished … Read more