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Apr 17

The Cloud Forests of Ecuador: “Rain but not from the sky”

By Abi King | South America

The cloud forests of Ecuador are not awash with colour. Instead, they pick a single one and run with it.

Green isn’t just green here, it’s gob smacking, gut punching, grandstanding green, a green that explodes with greedy, reckless abandon.

The cloud forest column runs virtually along the whole country. At 2000 metres above sea level, its steep slopes and subtropical valleys teem with wildlife.

And you can visit. Here’s how, with cloud forest facts and a plan to get you to Ecuador.

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May 07

What’s so special about Quito in Ecuador?

By Abi King | South America

When it comes to Quito, Ecuador has the kind of problem countries like to have: a kaleidoscope of world class things to see. While hummingbirds flutter through cloud forests inland and turtles glide past pink sands in the Galapagos, Quito stands on the sidelines like a screenwriter at the Oscars: brimming with character and underpinning the action, yet curiously […]

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