Sargeant Brothers Boat Shop St Vincent and the Grenadines

By Abi King | The Caribbean

Jul 02

Ode to the Sea - Boats

An Ode to the Sea: The Boat Shop

They were men of few words, as so many men are, yet their hands spoke a whole new language. They painted in toytown’s red, white and blue, harnessing the dreams of land-grounded sailors.

They built boats that would never see water, pinned sails that would never feel storms.

Ode to the sea - masts
ode to the sea - wood shavings

They were the men who worked in the Boat Shop. At the Sargeant Brothers Boat Shop.

And their work has travelled far.

A yellowed letter stood framed on the wall, weary from both the heat and humidity. Thank you, it said on behalf of the Queen. The letterhead said HMY Britannia.

Outside the palm leaves rustled in silence. And I sensed the scent of the sea.

Bequia Island, St Vincent & The Grenadines

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Ode to the sea - boat carving

Disclosure: I visited St Vincent’s and the Grenadines as a guest of DiscoverSVG.



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