Visiting Umbria in Italy

By Abi King | Italy

Apr 26

Visiting Umbria in Italy via @insidetravellab

Visiting Umbria reveals a quiet, beautiful part of Italy

What a difference a C makes…
Cumbria is a wild, wet and wellie-wearing region in the north of England, whose damp hedgerows and fields of daffodils fired the literary imagination of Wordsworth several times over.

Umbria, on the other hand, is a fragrant, olive-soaked region in central Italy, whose soft pink stone apparently fired the literary imagination of C.S.Lewis and introduced the rest of the world to Narnia (via the real world town of Narni.)

As a Brit, I knew Cumbria far better than Umbria (in my mind a smaller, wetter, wellier version of the Cumbria with perhaps a slightly different ratio of poets to daffodils.)

How wrong I was.

Let me clear up any misunderstandings here and now by introducing you to the region of Umbria, Tuscany’s neighbour and overshadowed little sister. Umbria is the Mary to Anne Boleyn, the Dannii to Kylie Minogue, the Robert F. to JFK. Whatever you may believe about those names, Umbria certainly doesn’t deserve its place in the shadows.

So, pull up a chair, dust off your screen and enjoy a taste of Umbria via the means of this photo essay.


Visiting Umbria


Visiting Umbria Dartboard


Umbria - Assisi



Disclosure: I travelled to Umbria as a speaker with TBU. All words, photos, opinions and daffodils remain my own.


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