Hot Sizzle & Sake: Yaketori in Tokyo

By Abi King | Japan

May 27

My photos from a sizzling Yaketori bar in Tokyo. - via @insidetravellab

Food sizzling in a Yaketori bar in Tokyo

Food Cooked In Front of You – To Order

Sake glass in sake box on sake menu

Cold Sake By the Glass – And Box

Beef on Sticks in Tokyo Yaketori Bar

A Yaketori Favourite: Seared Beef on Sticks

Clear soup with miniature shellfish

Shellfish Soup…

Boiled eggs with stringy cheese on sticks

Eggs with cheese…

Time to pay at a Yaketori Bar

A Popular Place…


Food cooking in a Yaketori Bar

Hungry Just Processing These Pics

Bare lightbulb in Yaketori Bar

Yaketori: A Haven After Work

My photos from a sizzling Yaketori bar in Tokyo for Photo Friday. Mmmm….

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