When is the best time to visit Jordan? You’d be surprised.

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Wondering when is the best time to visit Jordan? Contrary to popular belief, this part of the Middle East isn’t warm all year. Here’s an inside guide to help you plan when to go to Jordan.

See also what to do in Jordan and how to plan your Jordan itinerary.

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Disclosure: I visited Jordan as a guest of the Jordan tourist board and as a passenger on a Globus tour. As ever, as always, I kept the right to write what I like. Otherwise, what’s the point? Also, if you book or buy through any of the links on this page then I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Cheers!

The Best Time to Visit Jordan

When it comes to planning your trip to Jordan, there’s one big question. It’s not whether you should go, it’s when should you go!

The best time to visit Jordan depends on a few different factors. Firstly, is a sunny beach break in Aqaba a large part of your plans? Or are you primarily visiting Jordan as the spectacular open air museum that it is, gathering Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea within its borders?

While you’ll always find something to do in Jordan, it really isn’t a year round destination. The summer months can become unbearably hot for hiking in the midday sun. And the winters are surprisingly bitter to be outdoors for too long in the Jordan Valley.

Here, I’ve broken down the travel advice for visiting Jordan into a month by month guide. Don’t read this in one go! It’s too boring! But skip to the part that you’re wondering about and take it from there.

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Have a great time in Jordan!

Middle East - Jordan - Abigail King by the Treasury without the crowds

Visit Jordan in the off season to beat the crowds…

In brief: The Best Time to Visit Jordan

I’d highly recommend visiting in the off season to beat the crowds and the harsh temperatures. In Jordan, the shoulder season involves spring and summer, so that’s March to May and then late September to November.

Check out the Jordan Escape itinerary from Globus Tours, which specifically makes the best of Jordan in the off season. You can find the details about the Jordan Escape here.

Why you should visit Jordan in the Off Season

  • Fewer crowds at the main sights
  • Milder weather
  • More affordable prices
  • Local people tend to have more time to talk to you

Middle East - Jordan - Petra by Night

Petra by Night: worth seeing, whatever the time of year. But wrap up warm!

The Best Times to visit Jordan month by month

Here’s your month by month guide to visiting Jordan…

Jordan in JANUARY

Don’t be taken by surprise. January gets cold in Jordan! The idea that the Middle East is hot year round is just not true in this particular part.

Snow is uncommon but not impossible in Petra and the capital city of Amman. That said, if you visit in January, you will likely have these places to yourself.

Just make sure you pack the right kit and you will be fine.

It’s also a good time to join a Globus Escape tour if you’re not sure about travelling solo in Jordan. Find out more about Globus tours in Jordan here.

  • You might catch Arbor day, a three day holiday where Jordanians plant trees. Jordan in winter is full of surprises. 

Middle East - Jordan - Abigail King on Mount Nebo Peak in February wrapped up in warm layers

Always bring layers. When the cold wind blows in, you feel it!

Jordan in February

February is an excellent time to visit Jordan in the off-season. The temperatures are cooler but the sun is starting to break through. Pack lots and lots of layers and be prepared for anything from snow to fierce sunshine in Petra (we had both during our trip to Jordan in February.)

It’s probably a good idea to skip the beach town of Aqaba, though, and focus your Jordan visit more on the historic sites in Jerash and Madaba instead.

  • The Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival takes place in February, taking advantage of the cooler months in this seaside resort town.

Jordan in March

Jordan in March brings with it a variable set of temperatures. You can still feel the chill of winter and get caught in the rain. Or, you can find yourself reaching for the sunscreen as the sun decides to come out and play.

In short, layers are essential to combat the Jordan weather in March.

March is a great time for hikers, with the routes around Petra still not full.

Jordan in April

By April, spring is well and truly under way. The air is warmer and the flowers have burst into life. Yes, even in the desert.

It’s a lovely temperature for both city life and the great outdoors and, as a result, crowds gather and prices rise.

  • The off-road car race the Jordan Rally takes place in April.

Jordan - Petra - Abigail King looking thoughtful

Sad to say goodbye…

Jordan in May

Jordan in May is a beautiful time to visit. The weather in Jordan in May is mild, with temperatures rising up to 28℃ (82℉) in the day and falling to 12℃ (53℉) by night.

It’s a popular time to visit, with the heat in Petra and Wadi Rum not too overbearing and the capital of Amman fresh with blossom. As a result, of course, the prices rise too.

  • Jordan’s Independence Day takes place on 25th May and is celebrated with fireworks and military parades.

Jordan in June

June well and truly marks the start of summer in Jordan and the temperatures start to climb. June is often a month without rainfall but the temperatures haven’t yet reached the peaks of July and August.

Temperatures can rise to 105°F (40°C) in places and sandstorms can also roll in, darkening the skies and leading to a sense of claustrophobia.

It’s a good month to visit the beach resorts in Aqaba and the Dead Sea and still a pleasurable time to walk around the capital of Amman, where the air is a little cooler.

For Wadi Rum and Petra, prepare to sweat. But also, pack layers and warm coats because the temperature also plunges in the evenings and night in the desert.

  • 9th June is King Abdullah’s coronation anniversary and also a public holiday.

Reading newspapers in the dead sea in Jordan - an amazing thing to do in Jordan

Reading in the Dead Sea Jordan

Jordan in July

Is it too hot to visit Jordan in July? Simply put, yes! Temperatures run at 105°F (40°C) and Sirocco (a hot, dry southerly wind) blows.

If all you want to do is laze around in Aqaba or float around the spas near the Dead Sea, then maybe different advice applies.

But if you want to visit (and hike) your way through Petra and Wadi Rum, then find another time.

There’s one big caveat to that, though:

  • The Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts takes place in July and it’s a visual extravaganza. So, if costumes and lights sway you, then think twice about July.

Jordan in August

Much like July, August in Jordan is hot, hot, hot and dry, dry, dry. The desert sees temperatures of 105°F (40°C) by day, although Amman at its higher elevation runs at a comfortable 81°F (27°C).

Jordanians tend to head to the beach in Aqaba or make the most of the air conditioned museums in Amman.

Another cooler spot involves visiting the mosaics of Madaba, where you’re protected from the fierce sun. Mount Nebo, which can get pretty blustery in winter, is more comfortable in August.

In short, August is not a great month to visit Petra and Wadi Rum unless you know you can handle the heat well. The crowds have thinned since many international visitors know to avoid the Middle East during its peak heat. The choice is yours…

  • The start of the Islamic New Year, the Maal Hijra, takes place in August. It’s a lunar date so the exact date changes each year.

Middle East - Jordan - Petra - Souvenir Shopping - Man in Indiana Jones Hat - Divergent Travelers

It’s never the wrong time to wear an Indiana Jones hat in Jordan…

Jordan in September

Is September a good month to visit Jordan? Yes, it’s one of the best!

The hot temperatures in the desert have faded and yet the sea remains warm in Aqaba for divers. Amman is balmy and, well, everyone seems in a good mood.

Sure, other international visitors have visited and those prices begin to climb. It’s wise to book well in advance and to be prepared to brave the crowds at the top sites.

  • The Haya Theatre Festival takes place in September, with puppet shows for children.

Jordan in October

Early October in Jordan is distinctly different to late October in terms of temperature.

Those early October days seem like paradise, with warm waters in the Red Sea for divers and warm but not blistering temperatures in Wadi Rum and Petra.

It’s one reason why October is the peak month for hiking visitors to Jordan.

Temperatures fall sharply, however, and by Halloween, nights in Amman feel cool and the autumnal rains will fall.

Jordan - Jerash - Theatre - Abigail King

Jordan: one of the most interesting countries on earth…

Jordan in November

November in Jordan sees distinctly cool weather in Amman and more variable weather at the Red Sea.

Now’s the time that the crowds disperse, the fares drop and yet the country remains as beautiful as ever.

Organised tours from Globus, the Jordan Escape, start up to make the most of those crowd-free sights and hikes. Don’t let the weather in Jordan put you off!

  • Muslims in Jordan celebrate the birth of the prophet Mohammed with the Mawlid or Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif in November.

Jordan in December

December marks an unmistakable winter in Jordan, with regular rain and occasional snow. Temperatures are cool across the country, and a beach holiday in Aqaba seems absurd.

However, for those who love hiking, history and having the place to themselves, now is the time to go. And it’s another month when you can book a trip with the tour group I travelled with, Globus and the Jordan Escape.

Don’t let the Jordan weather in December stop you!

Jordan - Jerash Hadrian Gate Abigail King

Skip the crowds by visiting in the off season… This is Jerash

When to visit Jordan for Specific Activities

Planning something in particular for your visit to Jordan? We have you covered.

When is the best time to visit Petra?

Visiting Petra is one of the best things to do in Jordan, so you want to time it right.

What you need to bear in mind is that Petra was an ancient city, not just an ancient temple. To explore the whole area takes a lot of hiking and a fair amount of endurance. And if you’re looking for those beautiful photographs, you’ll have to climb for anything between around half an hour and four hours.

It’s also incredibly popular. While the city itself is large enough to absorb summer crowds, the key spots like the Treasury can get horribly congested.

So, bearing that in mind, I’d suggest that the best time to visit Petra is in the low season: spring or summer.

What is it like to visit Jordan during Ramadan?

Unlike certain other Middle Eastern countries, Jordan is relaxed about both tourists and locals not following the rules of Islam. Alcohol is served and the main sights are open during Ramadan.

However, the majority of Jordanians do follow Islam and so you may find that many of the smaller shops, restaurants and cafes are closed during the day during Ramadan. Plus, certain areas remain very conservative, so please always behave in a respectful manner. Which, of course, you would, right?!

Jordan - Amman - citadel Abigail King

Winter gets cool in Jordan…

When is the best time to visit Amman?

Amman is an intriguing city to enjoy all year round. But if you plan on dining outside and making the most of the blossom-filled streets, then spring is the best time to go. April and May are absolutely gorgeous and a great time to indulge in fresh, Jordanian food outside.

When is the best time to visit Israel and Jordan?

Although Israel has a longer coastline than Jordan, the weather isn’t too different. A popular combination involves spending one week in Israel and one week in Jordan and the spring and autumn months are the best for that.

The best time to visit Egypt and Jordan

The summer months in Egypt are absolutely, unbearably, swelteringly hot. I would highly recommend avoiding them if you plant to be sightseeing as visiting Egypt’s Valley of the Kings is a physical endeavour!

So, once again, the most popular months to visit Egypt and Jordan together would be within the spring and autumn months. But you can escape the crowds altogether if you wrap up a little and visit during the winter.

Jordan Travel Tips

Get ready for your trip to Jordan with the following:

Jordan - Wadi Rum - Abigail King in keffiyeh

More for your visit to Jordan

See our travel guide to the best things to do in Jordan and then browse through the articles below.

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