CVNE (2)- wine in La Rioja

The Best Wineries in Rioja

In a region with over 500 wineries, finding the right La Rioja Bodega for you is no easy feat. Luckily, we’ve worked tirelessly to gather this list of the best spots in Spain.

South Africa - Cape Town Rainbow - A Sign of why South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation

21 Unusual Things to Do in Cape Town, South Africa

You can’t help but find unusual things to do in Cape Town: it’s part of the city itself. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and enjoy South Africa. Let’s explore this most famous of cities within the Rainbow Nation.

How to Plan Your San Francisco to Santa Barbara Road Trip

Here’s how to plan out the ultimate San Francisco to Santa Barbara road trip and enjoy one of the best routes that California, nay America, has to offer. Why Drive From San Francisco to Santa Barbara? Take it from me, a professional travel writer with hundreds of thousands of miles of road trip under my … Read more

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Hot Air Balloon Pyrenees

What a Hot Air Balloon Ride is Really Like

A number of things are wrong. To begin with, I’m standing in a field surrounded by darkness, my mind pulling the duvet covers back over its head and mumbling into its pillow. Second, I’m…

Switzerland - Edge of Lake Geneva at night

Two Days in Geneva: An Itinerary for First Timers

Here’s how to spend two days in Geneva, with this hand-crafted itinerary from a local. Let’s hand over to guest writer, Anna Timbrook. Get ready to move beyond chocolate, knives and watches into a world of nature, history and philanthropy. Let’s go.

Germany Berlin Wall Memorial Centre Pigeon Holes

The Truth About Growing Up in East Germany

And so, at last, I am in Berlin. After more than a thousand miles by train, through some of the darkest moments in European history, some well known, others not, I find myself with a plastic fork in one hand and a fluffy orange sausage in the other.