The Best Things To Do in Berlin If You Only Have One Day

By Abi King | Western Europe

Feb 27

The Best Things to Do in Berlin Germany via @insidetravellab

Finding The Best Things To do in Berlin

Not long ago, I worked on a project that tried to narrow down the best things to do in Berlin for a one day itinerary. And I loved it. 

Until then, I had wondered what made Berlin so special? With cold weather and a dark history, it didn’t seem the obvious choice for a relaxing or inspiring trip away.

And usually I’m all about taking things slow and really trying to uncover a destination.

Yet sometimes a day is all you have.

So here it is. The best of Berlin in a day.


The Best About Berlin For Me

The Berlin Wall, The Unheard Story

My experience with women my age who grew up as the wall came down. Both sides of the wall. Both sides of the story.

East Side Gallery

The largest open air gallery in the world, painted on remnants of the Berlin Wall.

The Best Things To Do in Berlin If You Only Have One Day


 1) The Berlin Wall Memorial

Sets the stage for all the wall remnants you’re going to find all across the city

2) The Topography of Terror

Housed in the former Gestapo HQ, this exhibition examines the horror of the Nazi party and gives an insight into Berlin during World War Two.

3) The Currywurst Museum

Lightens the mood a little and brings you from the past to the present through the medium of food. Currywurst is Berlin’s signature dish and it’s born from the cultural mix left in the city at the end of WWII. Plus, the museum is just around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie in case you want to make a quick detour there.

4) Cafe Cool in Kastanienallee

Browse for vintage clothes and records, stop for tea or indulge in a full lunch in this quirky part of town.

5) Fernsehturm Viewpoint

Head up the TV tower at twilight to see the city lights come alive

6) The Brandenburg Gate

Walk (or cycle) from the tower to the gate for the full Berlin tourist experience. History took place here when Reagan implored Gorbachev to tear down this wall. Today, watch out for men in communist soldier costumes dancing Gangnam style…

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Context Travel*

I’m not normally one for a tour. But I love, love, LOVE context tours. Run by academics they take an in-depth, unusual look at a city’s landscape and history and sometimes it seems as though Berlin only exists to provide rich material for a Context tour.

15 of the best things to do in Berlin via @insidetravellab


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  • August Samora says:

    I will definitely go for historical places! What’s more interesting than Nazi and WW II in our history?

    • Abi King says:

      The Cold War? Only joking…there’s so much fascinating history there.

  • Adam says:

    Not a bad list! But did you hear about the recent protests regarding the East Side Gallery? A developer and the city are planning to remove pieces of it to make way for new construction – an interesting development considering it’s one of the most touristic parts of Berlin.

    If you want some more tips, check out my guide here:

    • Abi King says:

      I heard that there are lots of arguments about what to conserve and what to clear away. I can kind of see both sides overall – it’s important to remember the past but also not to stay trapped there. I hadn’t heard about that latest development to affect the East Side Gallery.

      That’s a great list – thanks for posting it. Even more inspiration for my next time there ;-)

  • Charlotte says:

    Luckily most of the East Side gallery has stayed, but my heart was in my mouth as I saw the bulldozers and everything coming :(

  • silia says:

    Helloooo there,
    these are the things that I like to do in Berlin. I hope you like it and find it useful for your trips!
    Thank you

    • Abi King says:

      Very useful – thank you. I love the chocolate suggestion. Plus there are a couple I don’t know yet – something for next time!

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