The Streets of Havana

By Abi King | The Caribbean

Nov 06


The streets of Havana are restless, active places – and that’s why I love this photo so much. Life is lived outside, from children playing football in the dust, to laundry drying, to neighbours gossiping and young men strutting their stuff at the beach. It’s hard to find a quiet spot, as both chatter, salsa and cuba son travel through the streets.

For a girl from London, where the golden rule is to pretend that you can’t see or hear anyone else in public at any time, even when squashed under their armpit on the Tube, I enjoy the way there’s so much to look at in this one photo, in this one snapshot of time.

Of course, I took the other, more traditional images of Havana. Here’s a very brief selection:

What do you think – which is your favourite?

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