The Best Travel Gifts for Couples

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Looking for the best travel gifts for couples? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve had a lot of fun gathering together all these travel gift ideas and it’s time to share them with you…

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The Best Travel Gifts for Couples

If you have friends or relatives who love to travel, then gift buying is often a little different at Christmas. Travelling couples tend to value experiences and memories more than “stuff” and, in practical terms, they need to keep things light if they’re often moving around. On the other hand, they often have lots (and lots) of travel photographs, souvenirs and memories to savour.

We’ve considered both of these constraints when drawing up this travel couples gift list so that you can be sure you’ll buy something they’ll actually like and use. Let’s go…

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Bring Memories to Life with Personal Photo Gifts

One of the best travel gifts for couples involves taking those precious travel memories and converting them into something that they can see every day. 

Sure, I have a travel photo on on my phone as a  welcome screen. But after that, I have thousands (and I mean thousands) of images just sitting on my hard drive, rarely seeing the light of day. While you could argue that my entire career could be viewed as a method for enjoying my travel photos more often, most people don’t need to go to such extremes. 

Instead, you can opt to buy them personalized photo gifts like these. Snappy Snaps, for example, offer the chance to put travel photos (or indeed any photo) onto mugs, cushions, calendars and even T shirts. It’s a fantastic way to give a really thoughtful, personal gift.

Personal map gifts for couples by Paper Emporium Co
Personal map gifts for couples by Paper Emporium Co

Print Personal Maps

If you don’t have access to their photos, then you can choose destinations that mean a lot to your travel couple and convert them into stylish monochrome map prints. Paper Emporium Co will allow you to choose the location and the words you wish to see displayed underneath. 

Water Bottle from UK Gifts By ILounge
Water Bottles from UK Gifts By ILounge

Collapsible Reusable Water Bottles

When you’re on the road, you need your own water bottle, to save both you and the planet from a gazillion single-use plastic bottles. But they take up space and so can be cumbersome when they’re empty. Also, often travellers need to fit their belongings into a small space, like a locker at a museum or beneath the chair of the passenger in front of you on the plane.  

Enter a collapsible water bottle. These water bottles come in a range of colours and make an ideal gift for someone who loves to travel. 

Luggage tags by VaniesShop

Luggage Tags

Sometimes it’s hard to believe but it is ridiculously easy to pick up the wrong bag from the luggage carousel. Some beautiful personalised luggage tags can help to reduce this risk. You can buy bold and bright comedy luggage tags or order a set of more sophisticated luggage tags like these ones from VaniesShop.

Best travel gifts for couples - bamboo cutlery from JungleCulture
Bamboo cutlery from Jungle Culture

Bamboo Cutlery

While people can pack regular old stainless steel cutlery when they travel, it’s heavy and can set off metal detectors at airports, hotels and museums. 

Enter bamboo cutlery sets.

They’re beautiful and they can help save the world. For these reasons, a travel set of bamboo cutlery makes the perfect gift for couples who love to travel. They can swap single use plastic beloved by street food vendors for these reusable and lightweight replacements. I love this travel cutlery set from JungleCulture on Etsy.

Travel wall art from MyTypePrint on Etsy
Travel wall art from MyTypePrint on Etsy

Memorable Wall art

Couples who travel together make memories for life. Help them bring the best of those memories home through posters and photographs of the destinations they visited.

My Type Print adds professional letters to travel photos, resulting in the perfect print to form a series at home.

Personal Scrapbook Travel Gift for Couples by PeachAndPearStudios

Travel Journals for Couples

For grand adventures, travel journals provide a place to note down ideas, ticket stubs, photos, maps and more. This gorgeous travel scrapbook in black and gold allows you to create a personal gift for a couple who love to travel. Ideal for honeymoons and long overseas trips.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a Christmas gift for couples who haven’t travelled yet, then check out a bucket list journal like this one from Oakdene Designs. They can plan out their future travel dreams in style.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes may not look as pretty as the other gifts on this list but they are so, so useful! Honestly, once you’ve tried them, you’ll never look back. I now never travel without them. It’s best to buy them in a range of sizes, like these travel cubes on Amazon. It helps travellers stay organised and find what they need as well as keeping their clothes crease free and cables untangled. Trust me!

Young lion in the grass for Kenya Bucket List and Kenya Hidden Gems article
Give the gift of adoption

Adopt an Endangered Animal

Typically, people who love to travel also love to protect the wonderful world we all share. There are may ways we can do this (check out this article on the benefits of sustainable tourism) but gift giving is definitely one of them. 

The World Wildlife Fund have a range of animals you can adopt, from polar bears to penguins, lions to leopards and on to orang utans and gorillas. 

You can choose for your gift to include a soft toy and fact pack or simply purchase a gift certificate to send. 

World Map by Fireflies UK
World Map by Fireflies UK

A World Map

Most couples who travel love a good map and this one from Fireflies UK is one of the most dreamy personal world maps that I’ve found. 

More Travel Gift Ideas

None of these quite fit? Not to worry, we have specialist gift guides and lists for you as well. Check out the following:

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