December 20, 2020

21 Last Minute Online Gifts That Still Show You Care

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Looking for last minute online present ideas? There's no judgment here! In fact, I've separated this gift guide into last minute and ultra last minute gift ideas. For, you know, when you're lucky if you have time to forward the email, never mind look for wrapping paper. 

Let's get to work and find the perfect last minute online gift for your partner, family, kids, parents, boss, birthday, Christmas, whatever situation you find yourself in! 

Psst - last minute online gifts tend to be digital in nature and environmentally friendly. There, it isn't so bad after all!

The Best Last Minute Online Gifts

Heads up! If you buy through some of these links then we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. However, we don't for most of the recommended gifts. Everything's there because I think it will save your last minute gift buying bacon!

Egypt - Aswan - Philae Temple - woman standing at entrance - Abigail King travel writer

The Best Last Minute Gifts for Travellers

Yes, so there's a pandemic going on. But these online gifts have long expiration dates and perhaps a dose of optimism is required? On the other hand, if you're buying something for someone with never-ending lockdowns then you may be better off looking at my section on armchair travel ideas.

Last Minute Travel Experience Gifts

  • Hotel Gift Card - buy someone a gorgeous break away through the Hotel Gift Card system. You can have a physical card shipped or download a stylish e-voucher. The scheme covers 110 000 hotels in over 170 countries and includes more than 140 different brands, from the big chains to gorgeous boutique hotels. 

Last Minute Armchair Travel Gifts

Here's where you can get creative. Think online language lessons, cooking lessons from around the world and lectures from experienced academics. 

Writing Skills Starter Course

Last Minute Gifts for Writers and Creatives

There's never been a better year for last minute online gifts for writers and those with an eye for creative pursuits! Almost everything has moved online.

Here's a taste of some of the best:

Phone and typewriter

Why is it that old fashioned writing equipment is seen as inspirational?

Last Minute Gifts for Writers

  • Of course, I have to mention my own course Write Better, Right Now, which has successfully launched many blogging and writing careers. It's entirely online, students can access the material and receive feedback from anywhere in the world, and we have a handy gift certificate you can give as well!
  • Last Minute Online Gifts for Photographers

    • Do you know someone who wants to take their photography to the next level and edit every image? An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is an e gift you can buy and set up right away. It's the industry gold standard so you can't go wrong. 

    The Best Last Minute Online Gifts for People in the UK

    Visit canal aqueducts in North Wales UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Online Charitable Gifts with Membership Benefits

    • Buy a membership subscription to some of the charitable organisations that preserve great places to visit in the UK. Here are some of my favourites:
      • National Trust Membership - access to stately homes and both wild and cultivated gardens with activities throughout the year.
      • Cadw - unlimited access to historical sites (think castles and sweeping wild landscapes) in Wales.
      • RSPB - includes entry to natural reserves across the UK, a magazine and more. Plus, the feel good aspect of protecting wild birds. They also run a really special membership section for children. See also, travel gifts for kids.
      • The Wildlife and Wetlands Trust - more access to beautiful natural spots and a charitable donation to preserve these important areas. 
    Vintage books on a shelf

    Online Gifts for Readers

    Whether you're looking for a last minute online gift for a birthday, for Christmas or out of the blue, one of the fastest and easiest to grasp category is a gorgeous dose of reading material. 

    Paper Subscriptions: The Luxury of Touch

    Newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Yes, remember them! Lovely paper objects that arrive on your doormat and are a blessed relief from the screen! If you buy a book, then it's obvious you've left it too late. Buy a subscription and print out the voucher - job done! 

    eBooks: the Ultimate Online Gift?

    Did you know that many publishers also offer digital versions of their books?

    Audio Books: Perfect e Gifts

    Of course, audio books are another great idea for loved ones who frequently have long journeys or who find reading tough on their eyes. 

    USA - New Orleans - Statue - Musician

    Last Minute Online Gifts for Music Lovers

    Digital Subscriptions

    Last Minute Online Gifts for Food Lovers

    Bahamas - Nassau - Baha Mar-Restaurant Food Service

    Last Minute Online Gift Subscriptions

    Nowadays, you can set up almost anything as an online subscription and these make perfect last minute creative gifts. 

    The Best Universal Last Minute Gift Ideas

    Perhaps you're thinking that vouchers, gift cards and coupons aren't that exciting to give as a gift. Maybe they're even shameful?!

    Well, some people think of them like that. Plenty others actually prefer them since they can buy something they really want instead of someone's best guess.

    And from that point of view, vouchers are some of the best last minute online gifts you can buy!

    Here are some schemes that work well in many different countries. Time to send your friends and colleagues something they really want!

    • Amazon (choose the "buy gift card" option
    • Amazon Prime - Yes, you can gift Amazon Prime to someone. In addition to the monthly entertainment services like music, video and books, you also get free delivery on Amazon purchases. 
    • Visa (US only)
    • Mastercard (US only)

    Beyond vouchers, look for classic gifts like flowers and chocolate:


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