Jun 14

French Souvenirs: What to Bring Home From France

By Abi King | Western Europe

My tastebuds tingle when I think of the wealth of French souvenirs and gifts you can bring home from France. Cheese, wine, sweet treats and more.

I mean, the country even invented the word souvenir!

But away form plastic Eiffel Towers and dubious berets, here’s a guide to authentic French souvenirs that your friends and family will actually want to receive.

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Jun 11

Walking Portugal’s Coast: Beautiful Alentejo

By Abi King | South Europe , Western Europe

  WALKING IN PORTUGAL: THE ALENTEJO COAST Europe has plenty of surprises hidden up her sleeve, but one that caught me completely unawares lately was the Alentejo Coast in Portugal. Portugal’s Algarve, of course, is well known. It has sandy beaches, skyscrapers, scooped out waterways and hidden spots to boot. Further up north is Alentejo, […]

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May 24

43 Interesting Facts About France

By Abi King | Western Europe

From gastronomy to geese to good old-fashioned guillotines, I love delving into my archive of interesting facts about France.There’s just so much to say! From the country that made inverted pyramids stylish and brought supermodels into politics, here are 43 interesting facts about France.All to inspire travel. And liberty, equality and brotherhood, of course! Allez-y!

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Feb 15

Golf Kota Kinabalu – Sutera Harbour & Shangri-La At Night

By Guest Writer | South Asia

Playing Golf in Borneo Malaysia Today’s travel article comes from @Mrtravellab. My golf isn’t good enough to play at night. Or during the day, come to think of it…But, as one consultant surgeon I worked for used to say, “I can’t be the best at everything!” Bwaha! So, let’s talk about playing golf in Borneo. Beware! Crocodile […]

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