Jun 19

How to Plan a Galicia Road Trip – A Salty Itinerary Through Northern Spain

By Abi King | Spain

Every coast is salty. But northwest Spain’s Galician coastline seems the saltiest of all: its landscape licked into shape by the churning, whirling waves, its cuisine at one with the sea and its architecture, history and general attitude shaped by the way that surf reaches the shore.

This is a place to experience the real side of Spain, away from tower blocks, fake paella and concrete-edged, crowded hotel pools.

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May 12

Don Quixote in Spain: Windmills and the World’s Oldest Novel in La Mancha

By Abi King | Spain

Don Quixote and Cervantes SpainHow to Explore Don Quixote’s SpainDon Quixote’s Spain served as a fitting backdrop for the world’s oldest novel: one ill-fated quest to restore chivalry to the world. Poetically, today’s La Mancha still reflects that pioneering literary age. From the “Don Quixote windmills” to the home of Cervantes himself, grab a sidekick […]

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May 02

Inside an Athens Philosophy Tour: Plato, Socrates and Studying in the Nude

By Abi King | Greece

Inside an Athens philosophy tour Join the world’s philosophical heavyweights in an Athens philosophy tour. Thousands of years have passed and yet we’re still all working on the pursuit of happiness.An Athens Philosophy TourApparently, searching for happiness is a modern, millennial affair. We’re told we’ve lost touch with what makes life meaningful, ablaze in a flutter […]

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Apr 21

The Old Stocks Inn, Stow on the Wold. The Cool Cotswolds, England.

By Abi King | England

The Old Stocks Inn in England’s Cotswolds If you haven’t yet been to the Cotswolds, you’ve missed out on a treat. Snuggled into the rolling hills of England, it’s the country at its romantic, postcard-pretty best. Honeyed stone and thatched cottages, winding lanes, rickety fences, teetering red post boxes and police stations smaller than churches […]

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Mar 03

The Best Places to Eat in Edmonton, Alberta – Beyond Maple Syrup and Pancakes in Canada

By Abi King | Destinations

Maple Syrup and Pancakes Like tea in Britain, sushi in Japan and tapas in Spain, some cliched food and travel pairings simply turn out to be true. And mighty tasty. My latest trip to Canada, roaming through western cities of Vancouver, Winnipeg and Calgary, provided plenty of time to soak up the sweet, sticky goodness […]

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Dec 07

What The Balenciaga Museum Near San Sebastian Spain Teaches Us About Success

By Abi King | Spain

The Balenciaga Museum, as you might expect, is about fashion and the museum presents outfits like rare jewels.

Yet even if fashion is not your strength (as indeed, it’s not mine,) there’s plenty to intrigue and inspire.

The time capsule of social history is one: seeing waistlines and silhouettes change in tune with women earning the right to vote, to enter certain professions and to show a little more flesh.

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Dec 02

The Story Behind Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World in New Orleans

By Abi King | Best Places to Visit USA

What a wonderful world Louis Armstrong Beneath the sticky Louisiana sun, I lie back on the grass and open my eyes. I see trees of green… A low-slung stage stands behind 200 or so people who are swaying with the sun. Beyond black railings, people sit on fold-out chairs. And above them, fingers and faces peer through wrought- […]

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