A view of the harbour in Mahon from @insidetravellab

7 Unusual Things To Do in Menorca

Menorca suffers from something called Spanish Myth Syndrome: the unshakable viewpoint held by millions back home that there’s nothing more to Spain than simple sunshine, sea and sangria.

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Gin distillery apparatus in Mahon at Xoriguer Distillery

Gin, Sin and the Xoriguer Distillery in Menorca

Menorca threw several surprises my way when I visited. Wild flowers, for one, with fields flush with poppies, violets and periwinkles all dancing like hippies in the sun. There were bronze age settlements for another, and olive oil-soaked cheese, cured lovingly by hand and made from milk gathered freshly that morning.

Old San Sebastian

San Sebastian Hipster Things to Do in Spain’s Basque Country

A NEW LOOK AT SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN’S BASQUE COUNTRY San Sebastian Hipster Things To Do One of the greatest thrills that travel through Europe offers up has to be the mix of cutting edge new with achingly rustic old. Cobbled streets, peeling paintwork and flavours and fashion that stretch back through millennia connect us to … Read more