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The Best Gifts for an Outdoorsy Girlfriend

Looking for the best travel gifts for her? It’s been a strange old year but that’s all the more reason to treat women who love to travel to something that will make them smile! Here’s our travel gift list for 2020, from luxury travel gifts to stocking fillers. Let’s finish the year strong!

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27 Long Haul Flight Essentials and a Flight Checklist for You

Whether or not you have checked luggage when you fly, what you pack in your carry on can make all the difference to how well your trip goes. Not only to the flight itself but also to the start of the trip should the airline lose your luggage. Here’s our inside guide to carry on essentials and what to bring in your hand luggage.

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Your Essential Cycling Holiday Packing List

Having the right gear with you makes all the difference in the world when it comes to having a successful adventure travel holiday. This cycling holiday packing list sums up hours and hours on the saddle and on the road. But it’s not all hardcore.  These cycling essentials aim to help you enjoy your holiday … Read more

Cathay Pacific Business Class Review - Fully reclining beds perfect for sleeping

Cathay Pacific Business Class Review: What You Need to Know

Cathay Pacific have been scooping up awards left and right and centre for their new business class design and, after a comfy twelve hour flight with them, it’s easy to see why. To Hong Kong on the new and back on the old, I managed to compare and contrast side by side flights so to speak to then get back and give you the lowdown.

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The Best Flight Booking Hacks For Savvy Travellers

Let our inside expert walk you through the best flight booking hacks to find a great airline deal. No sleeping on the floor required, I promise. These flight hacks are for savvy travellers who know when to spend and when to save – and they’re not just for budget airlines.

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101 Fun Road Trip Questions for Your Next Drive

Looking for some road trip questions to help the ride go by? When it comes to getting to know someone better, nothing beats a road trip. Maybe it’s the lack of eye to eye contact that makes people open up. Maybe it’s the miles that pass between you. But if ever you find yourself searching … Read more

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The Best Road Trip Quotes to Fuel Your Next Journey

The best road trip quotes fuel the imagination and drive the quest for knowledge. Or, you know, make for a great road trip instagram caption or quotation to combine with a gift for someone about to go travelling. From inspirational road trip quotes to funny road trip quotes, we have you covered.

Which one inspires you the most?

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Road Trip Essentials: Your Road Trip Packing List PDF

Wondering what to bring on a road trip? Don’t miss a thing with this printable road trip packing list.

I’ve driven through snowy mountains, desert sands and cramped cities in more than 40 countries, often on my own. And I’ve made almost every mistake you can think of.

Learn from me and plan the perfect driving holiday – anywhere in the world.