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Osprey Farpoint 36 in use

The Osprey Farpoint 36 Review: What You Need to Know

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Osprey Farpoint 36, the smallest of the Osprey Farpoint Range.

It’s a wheelie suitcase that’s also designed to work as a backpack and it’s small size means that it fits most airline carry on or hand luggage specifications.

Cave houses caseiros in Chinamada

9 Powerful Benefits of Sustainable Tourism and Why You Should Care

It’s not the equivalent of yesterday’s soggy, soy-soaked bran, mashed into an unappealing travel package. It’s the best, if not the only, way for us to continue to enjoy travelling and living on this planet. My recent trip to the UNESCO HQ in Paris to talk about sustainable tourism left me with plenty of ideas I want to share with you.

Allow me to explain…

Travel guide organiser as part of a travel checklist

Printable Holiday Packing List PDF: The Only Checklist You Need

Here’s the ultimate detailed travel packing list to suit every situation. Seriously. We’re assuming nothing and cover luggage, visas, medication and what to wear while travelling and I’ve organised it into a streamlined system so no-one gets overwhelmed.

Dark tourism - Whitney Plantation brings the past to live with a statue of a woman burying her baby

Is Dark Tourism ethical? What you need to know

Sometimes called thanatourism or black tourism, so called dark tourism is on the rise. From concentration camps to disaster sites, the question arises: is dark tourism ethical? Trigger warning: this blog post discusses subjects which some may find distressing. Is dark tourism ethical? Few things compare to the sticky, raised purple of clumped blood on … Read more