Move Over Macarons, There’s a New Sweet in Town Sweet French Treats from Angers

By Abi King | France

Jun 14

New French Sweet Treat from @insidetravellab


Pastel pretty in pink, lemon, lavender and mint, nothing whispers sweet French chic like a well arranged set of macarons.

Never mind that Italy claim them as their own, to the world at large they represent all the glamour and romance that Paris can offer.

Like the shades they come in, they represent the city at its rose-tinted best, all twinkling lights and dreamy riverside walks, wrapped up in an art deco version of an intoxicating moulin rouge.

Beautiful macarons in France from @insidetravellab

Sweet French Treats

But, as emblems of sweet French treats, their days are numbered. There’s a new claim to the throne, albeit one with a slightly trickier name.

Quernons d’Ardoise hail from the Anjou region in the Loire. They take their colour from the slate that decorates the castle and their insides from something altogether tastier.

Quernons d'Ardoise Ceramic from @insidetravellab

Caramel, Chocolate and Nut

In essence, they’re caramelized praline, coated with violet chocolate with chopped almonds and hazelnuts inside.

And they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Quernons d'Ardoise - chocolate covered praline treat via @insidetravellab


Not since I found creamy, nutty horchata in the sticky summer of 2009 have I been so delighted by a “hidden” European sweet treat.

So, move over macarons. There’s a new sweet on the block.

PS – OR, you could show weakness and have a Quernon d’Ardoise flavoured macaron. Cheating? Or the best of both worlds? I’ll let you decide…

Sweet French treats from @insidetravellab

Disclosure – I travelled to the Loire with Atout France and Voyages SNCF as part of the new Captivate project.  As ever, as always, all sticky sweet opinions are my own. Otherwise there’s just no point.

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