Sirens in the Silence – Italy Walking

Italy Walking The stillness surrounds, save for the scrunch and soft thump of my boots […]

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Things A Little Bird Told Me

Things A Little Bird Told Me – Confessions of the Creative Mind in Review

This morning, when I switched on my computer I was greeted with a single tweet: […]

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Raspberry cupcakes

The New Cupcake Quest

I’m just back from Leipzig – and I have a new quest. Several serious business […]

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Table Top Dancing in A Soulful Way

This is Table Mountain, Cape Town. One of Africa’s most iconic landmarks, one of Africa’s […]

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Sneak peek at an Italian dome

Quiz Time: Can You Recognise This Dome?

It’s one of Europe’s most prized possessions and a key part of the Renaissance, the […]

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Business Class Royal Brunei Dreamliner 787 Facing Forward

Royal Brunei Business Class Review: The 787 Dreamliner

On December 1st 2013, Royal Brunei’s 787 Dreamliner pushed back from the gate and taxied […]

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Driving in Australia

Five Sweeping Drives from Melbourne, Australia

An Ebook on Five Drives from Melbourne G’day! It’s that time again where I try […]

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Street Art in the British Virgin Islands

Up, up, up they go, swirl and curl around and then down, down, down, plummeting […]

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Seville photos aprons

5 Ways to Live Like A Local in Seville

Bonus Tip: People do actually wear these polka-dot dresses in Seville 5 Ways to Live […]

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Cute Kangaroo photos

7 Cute Photos of Kangaroos

Well, now. I started off with a clever idea. Then a quizzy idea. Then a […]

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Having a painkiller in Tortola, BVI

How To Make A Painkiller in the Caribbean

It doesn’t take long to pick up on an island’s signature drink. A postcard here, […]

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Mt Vesuvius

A Glimpse of Mount Vesuvius

In Sorrento, at the end of a week’s walk along the Path of the Gods […]

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7 of The Best Travel Apps

It’s hard to believe that when I started travelling, not only did we not have […]

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Speeding lights in Paris

In Paris: There is More to Life than…

In Paris: There is More to Life Than… Well, dear readers, right now I am […]

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Photo Essay: Sweet Hidden Shops in Melbourne

And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing […]

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ICJ in shadows The Hague

I’ll See You In The Hague

A city with the charm of Frankfurt, the friendliness of Paris and the culture of […]

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Oz Quiz - Painted figures

Quiz Time – Where Down Under Can You Find This Splash of Colour?

Evening all. Today’s photo quiz: where can you find these brightly painted figures? I’ll give […]

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Fresh crab in curried soup

A Boiled Egg at One of Cardiff’s Best Restaurants

As a Brit, I’ve had to hear my fair share of jokes about the food […]

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The Greatest Memorial to Love: Driving the Great Ocean Road

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. I was lost, it was wet and […]

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Ugly Is In The Eye of the Beholder

I like trains, I really do. Given the right conditions, I love train travel. But, […]

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