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Driving in Morocco

Driving in Morocco: What You Need to Know

It’s an inauspicious start. No map. No SatNav. No cash – my very last dihram cleared out by the unexpected fuel charge.

No internet access to check the route. No signal on my iPhone. Just a pen, a scrap of paper and a hastily scribbled map, uneven streaks of biro connecting Moroccan towns that appeared on a picture in the hotel lobby.

Inside the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota

How The Marie Selby Gardens in Florida Will Surprise You

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota Florida: thousands of tropical plants, art, research and history Does it make sense to start talking about Florida through its flowers? Or is it too trite a cliche? The modern state of Florida, all 66 000 square miles of it, has an inextricable link with flowers. The name, … Read more

Dune bashing in the desert in Ras Al Khaimah

What You Need to Know About UAE Culture and Traditions

In the midst of the sand of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates blend glitz and glamour with a history that stretches back for centuries. Here’s what to know about UAE culture and traditions. Understanding UAE Culture and Traditions Through one window, the horizon tilts back and forth in shades of golden rose. Through … Read more

Lonely Planet London Office

Lonely Planet’s Best Travel Blog Collection

For three years straight, Inside the Travel Lab has been named one of the best travel blogs in the world by Lonely Planet. Here, we celebrate, and explain a little more about what that means and where else you can find great travel blogs.  the Best LONELY PLANET TRAVEL BLOGS Atlas & Boots An Adventurous … Read more

29 Interesting Facts About Europe

Want to know some fun and interesting facts about Europe? We have the collection for you! Test your knowledge and let us know how much surprised you. Let’s go! Did you know that… 1) There’s a Paddington Bear statue to be found in London’s Paddington Station. 2) Across the road from Gare Montparnasse you can … Read more

The road to Auschwitz

Things No One Tells You About Visiting Auschwitz Alone

The Auschwitz camps – I, II and III – starved, tortured and executed over a million people during World War II. Prison camps became concentration camps and then ultimately death camps. History lessons at school, the Red Cross Museum in Geneva, the books of Frankl, Levi & Frank and even the film Schindler’s List have provided enough images to haunt me for a lifetime. Will seeing the place with my own eyes change anything?