Mar 07

Reading rates are falling. But should we even care?

Travel Chat

  Why Reading Trends Are Changing – And Why It MattersTwo surprising things happened the other day. The first took place at our book club, a thinly veiled excuse to eat tapas and drink wine once a month while discussing the perilous state of world affairs and explore other subjects that perhaps our other halves would wish […]

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Mar 04

Planning a Zika-Free Babymoon – 2019

Family Travel

Although I hate the word, I love the concept. A babymoon offers a wonderful chance for you and your partner to spend some restful time together before the whirlwind of parenthood begins.

Away from everyday trials and tribulations, you can relax, enjoy yourselves and indulge in dreamy conversations about how (you think) you’ll parent before reality kicks in ;-)

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Feb 17

5 Ways to Live Like A Local in Seville


When friends first ask about what they should see and do in Seville, I start with the traditional list. After that, though, we get down to spilling my true secrets. My tips and tricks for soaking up the seduction of Spain’s hottest city and living like a local in the heart of Andalusia.

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Jan 28

The Nuremberg Sausage: A Symbol of Love?

Food , Western Europe

The Nuremberg sausage or bratwurstUnderstanding the Nuremberg SausageThe city of Nuremberg may have an international reputation for some of the worst events on earth. But the Nuremberg sausage shows another side of the city. Whether called bratwurst of a Nurnberger, here’s the inside info on 700 years of sausage making history. Oh, and it tastes […]

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Jan 11

Quirky and Unusual Things To Do in Germany

Western Europe

The best things to do in Germany – travel ideas and itineraries  Germany attracts repeat visitors through an intoxicating mix of sweet gingerbread and beer. Sizzling sausages (some protected by law,) fairytale castles and snow-laden chalets with glühwein on tap take the chill off the history of the Berlin Wall and the shadows from the well documented […]

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Jan 07

The Secret of the Red Tsingy in Madagascar


It snaked towards us slowly. A scarlet, silted, rust-red, blood-red, iron-tinged flow. The water seeped around the edges of my boots, my footprints swallowed up within seconds.

It visibly stained my soles.

Up ahead, I saw two men walking, the two men who were travelling with me. But no other soul was there.

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