Jul 31

Antarctica or the Arctic for a Luxury Polar cruise?

By Abi King | Trip Advice

Image Credit- PONANT© Antarctica or The Arctic? Perhaps it’s because of this year’s heatwave but I’ve been thinking about the cold a lot lately. In particular, Antarctica. There’s one phrase in particular that the heat seems to be melting into my brain. “You haven’t been to Antarctica?” from a travel journalist friend of mine. “You should go!” Her

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Jul 23

Europe’s Secret Coast: Scheveningen Beach and Kijkduin

By Abi King | Western Europe

Scheveningen Beach. SHAVE-an-ingen Beach. Sherve-nin-ninnin-ninininininin-en Beach. This Dutch spot may have a difficult name but its beauty shines with simplicity. Sand. Dunes. Walking paths, a harbour. Just 15 minutes from the workings of The Hague and you’re there. And via a picturesque tram ride, no less, peppered with important looking embassies and the great Dutch […]

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Jun 12

Lisbon Restaurants Where Locals Eat

By Abi King | South Europe , Western Europe

Finding Lisbon Restaurants Where Locals Eat Breathless, sweaty and most definitely ready for food, I pushed open the glass door and stumbled inside. “Are you still serving?” I asked, the words more direct than I’d have liked. A man walked towards me, in black against the bright white walls, clear-varnished wood and chic-hipster vibe I’d […]

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May 15

17 Authentic Things To Do in Portugal: A Country with a Divided Soul

By Abi King | South Europe , Western Europe

These days, everyone is talking about things to do in Portugal and why you should go there now. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites, gastronomy, history, architecture, great beaches and whimsical creations and pastries, millennial Portugal most definitely is the new black. But before you skip on down to the list of things to do in […]

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