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Lech in Summer: the Green Ring of Austria

Lech Zürs am Arlberg is a small place that attracts big names to its ski slopes. The Jordanian Royal Family. Formerly, Princess Diana. But summer in Lech is often overlooked. New flavours, traditional herb walks and innovative art installations spice up these hiking routes in Austria. Locals call it “the door to pure nature.”

Saint George church mosaic in Madaba Jordan

The Madaba Mosaics Jordan – Making the Broken Beautiful Again

Madaba is famous for its mosaics. Or, rather, the Madaba mosaics are famous.

This small town in Jordan, nineteen miles southwest of Amman and on the Kings Highway, smells of cardamom, rosewater and ancient sighs. It earns its place on the map of the world today with a map of the world from yesterday: one of the oldest maps of the Holy Land, built out of two million pieces and embedded in the floor of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church.

Aeroplane in Mid Air Business Class and Premium and Economy

The Virgin Business Class Review: Is it worth it?

Well known for their stylish design and funky airport lounges, Virgin call their business class The Upper Class Suite. It even has an honest-to-god, stand-up bar.

But what is it like to fly business class with Virgin Atlantic? And, truthfully, is it worth it?

Gin distillery apparatus in Mahon at Xoriguer Distillery

This Menorca Gin Distillery Will Change Your Mind About Spain

Menorca threw several surprises my way when I visited. Wild flowers, for one, with fields flush with poppies, violets and periwinkles all dancing like hippies in the sun. There were bronze age settlements for another, and olive oil-soaked cheese, cured lovingly by hand and made from milk gathered freshly that morning.

Abigail King striding across the bridge towards Big Ben in London England

15 Interesting Nicknames for London and What They Mean

Looking for London nicknames? Find out what Londoners are talking about with this inside guide from a local. See also the best way to spend autumn in London and our inside guide on how to spend 72 hours in London. Why bother with nicknames for London? I love learning about nicknames for London, or nicknames … Read more