Jan 23

Traditional Jordanian Food Recipes – From Cooking Lessons in Amman, Jordan

By Abi King | Food , Jordan , Middle East

Traditional Jordanian food may not be the most famous in the world but it’s definitely something I look forward to every time I travel to Jordan. It’s built to share, making mealtimes a wonderfully social experience, full of flavour and stories fit to hear beneath starlight. Here’s some Jordanian food to look out for, plus some recipes to try at home that I picked up at the amazingly entertaining Beit Sitti cooking lessons in Amman. Bon appetit!

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Jan 06

Unusual Things To Do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

By Abi King | Western Europe

Swirling with dragons and medieval beauty, Slovenia’s capital also hits hard with punchy art and challenging history. Cosiness returns through heart-warming food, striking Art Deco and the common courtesy of arranging pretty much everything within walking distance. Here’s our inside guide to finding the best and most unusual things to do in Ljubljana. Updated 2019.

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Dec 02

Great Rail Journeys: What the Iron Route is All About

By Abi King | Destinations

In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. I was at school at the time and I wasn’t entirely sure what all the fuss was about. Fast forward through the years and despite – or perhaps because of – having studied it briefly, watched the odd Bond film and read plenty of spy thrillers (both fact and fiction,) I’m still not all that sure.
Then There’s Ljubljana…

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May 17

Asturias Points of Interest – A Beautiful, Overlooked Part of Spain

By Abi King | Spain

Everything’s still, save for a breeze so slight it’s invisible until it reaches the window and makes the curtains sigh. I hear railway sounds from another century, a whistle and muted metal clanging, before the landscape of northern Spain picks itself up and learns to glide by.

I’m not used to seeing hedgerows at right angles and beaches with vertical shorelines…

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