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Let’s face it, the world has plenty of temptations. This page collects travel stories, photographs and videos that explores food from around the world. Chocolate in Cologne, foie gras in France, mushroom vodka from goodness knows where and more. Grab a glass, a fork and some fun and let Inside the Travel Lab tempt you with a global feast…

Raspberry cupcakes

The New Cupcake Quest

I’m just back from Leipzig – and I have a new quest. Several serious business […]

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Sirens in the Silence – Italy Walking

Italy Walking The stillness surrounds, save for the scrunch and soft thump of my boots […]

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Fresh crab in curried soup

A Boiled Egg at One of Cardiff’s Best Restaurants

As a Brit, I’ve had to hear my fair share of jokes about the food […]

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IceHotel Sweden Door

At The Doors of the Ice Hotel

I’m here at the Ice Hotel Sweden. And I’m going in… Tune in on the […]

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Leaving Antigua against a purple sky as the sun’s final shards pierce

On The Road… Leaving Antigua against a purple sky as the sun’s final shards pierce […]

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British Virgin Islands from Sky

From Tropical Sun to the Ice Hotel

Lay out your sleeping bag on the reindeer skin… Sometimes I just love this adventure […]

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Slavery in Barbados

Elite Island Hopping in the Caribbean

Well, every job has its downsides as they say. After a month of scrunched up […]

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Central Amalfi

When Life Hands You Lemons…

Lemons. They’re all over the place in the narrow streets of olive and stone-soaked Amalfi. […]

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And So I Walked the Path of the Gods, Italy

Right now I’m in Sorrento. It’s a multicoloured town that clings to the hills and […]

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nsidetravellab at Riviera Maya

Holy Smoke. A Mayan Massage in Mexico

A priest. A still-beating heart. Blood flowing down sacrificial steps until it flooded the ground some 30 metres below.

That’s my first mental image of Mayan culture, the…

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Giant in ice

A Quick Taste of Tux in Austria’s Tirol

Sickness has slowed my writing this month, I’m sorry to say. But rather than leave you hanging in silence, I thought I’d cheer you up with a quick taste of Tirol. Drum roll please as I introduce the iPhone only snapshots of my time in the snow. Who could imagine…

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News > The Footprints of Dragons

I can’t remember the first time I saw one. Not this year,nor last. Nor buried somewhere in the shadowy dreams of childhood. Wings. Claws. Scales. Jaws. Fire.

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Playa Maya beach with boat

Sunday Soothing – The Shores of Playa Maya

Sometimes, you need to take the time to stop. To pause for breath. To fill your senses with everything that’s beautiful and to let the world’s cares, concerns and curmudgeonly characteristics sit sloppily in a pile to be dealt with tomorrow…

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Little Bay Barbados beach

There’s More to Barbados Than The Beaches

But let’s face it, they’re a great place to start I’m writing this in a […]

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W.o.w. The W Retreat & Spa, The Maldives

Flying over teardrop-shaped islets that rise up from the Indian Ocean is a non-too-shabby approach […]

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MunichChristmasMarket Sign

The Best Christmas Market in the World **

Last year, during the Iron Route, I wrote a round up of the Best Christmas Markets in the World. This year, on Travel Europe High & Low, I bring you THE best Christmas Market of all time. As in, all the time I’ve spent in Christmas Markets this…

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Homes in London

London. As Seen From The Cavendish Hotel

As a Londoner, you miss out on London at its polite and polished best. The London that would turn up to a job interview. The London you would take home to meet your parents. The side of London that tourists get to see…

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Beach Thursday Riviera Maya

Introducing Beach Thursday

It’s one of those days. My fingertips are racing across the keyboard, images of cinnamon, chilli spice and chocolate dance through my head and my notebook overfloweth with scribbles of what I have seen. Or, more accurately…

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Photos of cartagena fruit

The World’s Best Fast Food, Cartagena

Fast forward to the close-set streets of Cartagena, in sticky, colourful Colombia and her words resurfaced after all these years…

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Lamaroo Beach, Darwin

Going Walkabout in the Northern Territory, Australia

At 3am I woke up. At 4am I gave up. For the last few hours, I’ve…

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