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Snowy rooftops in Krakow

A Song in the Snow – Photos of Krakow from the Sky

It only takes two hundred and thirty nine steps to reach a completely different city. To reach a song from the past that hauntingly blends with the snow that falls without sound.

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Polish football scarf

The Ghosts of the Beautiful Game

You don’t need me to tell you that football’s popular around the world. But as Poland gears up for Euro 2012, here’s why I’m laying my ghosts to rest…

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What Are Pierogi? Platefuls of Polish Perfection

Alright, there’s a chance I’ve gone overboard with the Ps in that headline. Yet ever since I wrote

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Warsaw Skyline photo

Not the Ugly Sister: Warsaw in Photos

Warsaw. I’ve always thought it’s a shame about the name. Krakow, the first city in Poland I visited, sounds intriguing and edgy, a cracking

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Infamous Bison Vodka (2)

Goodbye Kangaroo, Hello Bison

As I come to the end of my time in Sydney, I’m thinking about my next stop: Warsaw in Poland. And I’m just wondering whether I’ll find Bison Vodka there, as I did in Krakow.

That’s vodka served with a blade of grass.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine Staircase

Secrets in Salt: The Wieliczka Salt Mines

“Are you ready?” asks Christopher, a guide from the nearby village of Wieliczka. He’s cloaked in a long charcoal jacket and blowing on his hands to keep warm. For a giant-sized man, he uses a soft voice. “Because once we start, I will not be able to talk to you. And you will not be able to turn back.”

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Art Underground: Wieliczka’s Salt Sculptures

There are some secrets in this world that don’t make any sense. The Wieliczka Salt Mines near Krakow sparkle so mysteriously that I can’t help but wonder whether they’re part of an international conspiracy.


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Overlooking Birkenau


The name may not carry as much horror as the word Auschwitz, but it should.

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Entering Auschwitz

Entry to Auschwitz feels like a macabre blend between a Saturday afternoon football crush, a communist toilet block and the road to hell itself…

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A Cold and Lonely Path: Into Auschwitz

I’m running through Kraków’s bus station, spinning around to see coaches lined up behind me and smaller trams rattling through the concrete space below. My eyes jump around, searching for D8, for…

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